Baby Gab wears Trishie Couture

It was baby Gab's 1st Birthday party last November 3 2012 and I'm tasked to make her a Minnie Mouse gown/dress :)

With her lola

Honestly speaking, I never liked copying any designs which just directly defines a costume.  A costume is the process of copying or imitating any famous attire or outfit (e.g. Minnie Mouse costume is a red with white polka dots). But it just so happened that Gab's birthday theme is Minnie Mouse that opted her mother, one of my best friend, to ask me to make a Minnie Mouse costume for our lovely-favorite-cutie-patootie baby Gab. Thus, I just gave the costume a touch of my signature designs or what we, fashion designers, so called "trademarks".

I hope you noticed my signatures/trademarks on this costume/gown. But if not, It is the balloon skirt, and the laces :D Its so very me. Its so Trishie Couture :D Agree? :)

P.S. I didn't used google about the definition of costume. Its just in my own perception :D

Peticote under her skirt

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