Trishie Couture Charity 2012

Last December 2, 2012, Makabayan riders-My brother's motorcycle organization, Together with Trishie Couture, conducted a Christmas Charity feeding program to hundreds of children.
I my self was the event's organizer.  And I am really happy every time I make someone happy. What more if it is a hundred children ? :)
I really feel Christmas thru giving. :)

"Feeding a hundred children is nothing worth a happiness" -Trishie :)

Let us let the video and pictures do the talking :)

We conducted a games, and then we gave foods and christmas gifts. 
Can you believe that I even sang in front of them?! :|
And it is by their request. tralalala. :))

Can you see the real happiness in my face? :)
The boooyysss.
Pretty ladies with a golden heart. hihi.. Hi Kambal! Hi Jheanne!

The black team haha
Pink team!
Kuting holding the food and gift tickets

Thank You so much team! I love you all :)
I am blessed with lovely friends who never leave me :)


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